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Gloomwing Free Video Elements

Everthing here is free for non-commercial use (contact me regarding commercial grade elements.) All I ask is that you credit me anywhere in your production. Most often this type of credit will appear in the end credits of a production. To credit me simply add the following to your end credits, or elsewhere if the need arises, "Special Video Effects: David W. Hoffman -".

If you have need for custom designed elements or elements at another resolution other than 640x480 then please contact me. I'm available for custom work and have very reasonable pricing. If you have questions regarding commercial grade elements, or questions in general, feel free to contact me.

Though not required, If you find any of this content useful a donation of $1.00 or more is greatly appreciated.

Flame Across Screen
Streaking Flame and Smoke

(AVI - 4.6 MB)

Bubbles 01
Bubbles Rising

(AVI - 23.2 MB)

Bubbles 01
Egyptian Backdrop

(MP4 - 25.4 MB)

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