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~ Gloomwing Magazine ~ Issue 1, Summer 2006 ~

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Gloomwing Issue #1


The Wild Ride Called Self-Publishing: Cathy Richard Dodson talks about her experiences with self-publishing: Cathy Richard Dodson, author of Shadowed Memories, discuses not only the inspiration for her book, but also the process involved in bringing it to publication. She talks about many of the pitfalls that the self-publisher faces along with the benefits.

Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing - Part One: In this first installment, David Hoffman discusses, in great detail, just how to use MS Word to format a book. Topics covered include: Setting up the page, formatting the text, inserting sections, inserting page numbers, inserting headers (Book's title & Author's name), embedding true-type fonts, front-matter, and more!

Bunkhouse Notes: The Making of Western Folklore (Column): Steven M. Ulmen talks about his favorite topic, western folklore.

Grammar Gone Wrong: Apostrophes (Column)

Short Stories

  • Pity the Wounded Animal by B.R. Jones
  • Surviving the First Kill by David Wayne Hoffman
  • The Everlasting Possibilities of The Ever So Briefly by Daniel H. Debelius, Jr.
  • The Canoeing Odyssey of Jack Johnson and Rick Shumaker on the Cannon River by Steven M. Ulmen

Book Reviews

  • The Mars Run
  • Hawkins County
  • Twisted: Tales of Obsession and Terror
  • Autumn Shadows in August
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Another Worldly Device
  • When Satan Sued the Barfly
  • Mr. Touchdown
  • Peace I Ask of Thee, Oh River
  • Creator
  • Shadowed Memories
  • Archon
  • Young Female, Traveling Alone
  • Freedom Lesson From the Medicine Man
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