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~ Changes to ISBN Books (Lulu) ~

This issue seems to be coming up far more often than it should. So I'm creating this page as a kind of FAQ for those author's with ISBN numbers.

Lulu has a wonderful FAQ on what changes can and can't be made to ISBN books atLulu ISBN information. But I'm going to reiterate some of that here.

Changes to Basic Distribution books cost nothing. Changes to Global Distribution costs $79.95. Be aware of this before you start making changes to your book.

So what changes can you make to an ISBN book?

  • You can change the cover.
  • You can correct spelling and punctuation errors.
  • You can change the font.

You CAN'T do the following!:

  • Change the page count.
  • Change the title.
  • Change the size.
  • Move text.
  • Add text.
  • Remove text.
  • Or anything else that in essence changes the book from what it was when you purchased your ISBN.

After a conversation with a Lulu rep I discovered that it's possible to add a copyright page if doing so does not change the page count.

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